The Dragon Play, Davis

Impact Theatre, November 2014

“It’s a lovely piece of work: funny and heartbreaking, lyrical without being the least bit abstruse, its timeless fairytale roots remaining grounded in the present day. Marvelously directed by Tracy Ward, who helmed Monica Byrne’s What Every Girl Should Know at Impact last year, it’s the best thing the company’s done in years.
The play is just a little over an hour long but is thoroughly satisfying. It’s bittersweet, clever, sexy and ultimately breathtakingly beautiful and disturbing at the same time.  Much of the story is about time lost, missed opportunities and roads not taken. Theater fans might want to take that to heart and make sure that missing this show is not something you’ll find yourself regretting in days to come.

-Sam Hurwitt, KQED Arts

Chad Jones Top 10 List 2014:
8. Fire-breathing DragonsJenny Connell Davis’ The Dragon Play at Impact Theatre was a strange and wondrous thing. Director Tracy Ward found nuance and deep wells of feeling in one of Impact’s best-ever productions.” 
“…In only 80 minutes, director Tracy Ward creates two powerful worlds in which stories begin to bleed into one another. That’s no mean feat in the cramped quarters of La Val’s Subterranean, which offers set and lighting designers the ultimate challenge to turn a basement into a compelling performance space.”
“All the performances are strong, and the actors transcend the confines of the space to give us American wasteland, flight and fantasy. It’s really quite a marvel how much this short play and this astute production convey and convey powerfully. There’s deep feeling and imagination here, humor and sexiness, surprises and satisfaction. In other words, it’s just about a perfect Impact Theatre play.”

- Chad Jones, Theatre Dogs