What Every Girl Should Know, Byrne

Impact Theatre, Oct 2013


“All four of the cast members are remarkable, creating memorable and believable characters, and keeping them consistent, even as they adapt to changes that come at them.
Director Tracy Ward has made the intimate space of the LaVal's subterranean theater even more intimate by drawing some of the action out into the audience area. And heightening this is the work of choreographer Erika Chong Shuch, who creates intricate movement that makes the show even more captivating.”

- Pat Craig, San Jose Mercury News


“Director Tracy Ward stages it with a cagey, forceful momentum that draws us in and seamlessly incorporates Erika Chong Shuch's sensuously explosive choreography for the girls' mystical ecstasies.”

-Robert Hurwitt, SF Gate

“It’s also very well produced by director Tracy Ward and an excellent cast between them. 
While Byrne’s play seems conventional in nature, it soon breaks out of its familiar shell to embrace a level of emotional exuberance that can only be expressed in dances created by Erica Chong Shuch. The first of these thrilling moments involves the former roommate’s death and the next takes the play to whole different level as the women embark on a self-made spirituality inspired by Margaret Sanger…”
“…Bega, Edber, Pollack and especially Stebbins give powerful performances that only grow in intensity throughout the play’s 100 minutes. They don’t necessarily seem like people from the early 20th century, but their emotional reality is more important, and they really deliver, especially when it comes to conveying the growing—sometimes unsettling — bond.” 
“What Every Girl Should Know is scaled perfectly for the intimate stage space of La Val’s Subterranean (set designer Anne Kendall creates a plain but absolutely believable dorm room) and the result is one of Impact’s most dramatically satisfying productions yet.” 

-Chad Jones, Theatre Dogs